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Stabalize, Lift & Recover Sinking Concrete of Any Type in Just Minutes with SouthernPoly - a SoDry Service

alabama concrete leveling Restoring sinking concrete just got easier!

Sinking and uneven concrete is an eyesore that destroys the curb appeal of your home or business. It’s also a safety hazard that can lead to injury and in worst case scenarios – even lawsuits.

The good news is, due to popular demand, SouthernDry now offers polyurethane foam injection to level sunken concrete of any type in minutes.

Our service is a fraction of the cost to replace concrete and keeps your old concrete looking just like new.

If you are wondering if SouthernPoly is right for you, give us a shout. In addition to free on-site evaluations, we also offer same-day estimates right over the phone, email or text.

Introducing SouthernPoly, a SoDry Service – We Raise it in the South

southerndry poly lifting concreteHome and business owners are using SouthernPoly to lift sunken concrete back into place with our two-component polymer foam designed to work in wet or dry conditions.

The fast-acting expansion force of the concrete leveling foam coupled with the pressure of a specialized pump, generate enough controlled force to lift virtually any structure back into position with 1/8” precision.

SouthernPoly Works Great On These Concrete Structures (and more)

  • alabama leveling foam on concreteSinking Driveways
  • Sinking Patios
  • Sinking Garage Floors
  • Sinking Slab Foundations
  • Golf Course Pathways
  • Tennis & Basketball Courts
  • Retail Business Floors
  • Uneven Sidewalks
  • Uneven Pool Decks
  • and much more

What is PolyJacking or SlabJacking?

Polyjacking is just another fancy word for injecting polyurethane foam underneath sunken concrete to fill voids and lift the structure. Other common terminology includes; slab lifting, slabjacking, concrete leveling, concrete raising, grouting and concrete lifting.

Mudjacking or “mudpumping” however,  is a different repair method entirely.

southernpoly concrete lifting

What is Mudjacking and How Does PolyLeveling Compare?

mudjacking vs polyurethane concrete leveling under drivewayIf you have a concrete slab that is out of level, about to crack, or already cracking at your Alabama home or business, you may be searching for “mudjacking” services.  Mudjacking is an older technique that has been replaced by an innovative technology called, “concrete leveling”. Although mudjacking can be effective (if done right), it’s also messy and expensive. Which is why our teams use Polyurethane Foam compound to fill and lift the space below your concrete and the earth it sits on, to help restore it to a more level tolerance.

Uneven sidewalks, driveways or floors are not just an eyesore, they can also become a serious tripping hazard, especially with kids around. In extreme scenarios, you, the property owner, may be liable for injuries. If you’re renting a property, manage a living complex or have kids nearby, concrete leveling is a great way to keep your property safe and looking its best.

Concrete leveling is a fast and gentle procedure that can be completed in minutes to hours, not days. Concrete leveling using polyurethane foam generally causes little disruption to the property and landscape, which makes it an excellent choice for Alabama businesses that need repairs, but want to avoid costly downtime.

What Causes Concrete to Heave or Settle in Alabama?

We have a variety of climates in Alabama, from coastal moisture and storms to more arid areas inland from the coast. As moisture levels in the ground change, the concrete can move and heave or dip – causing uneven surfaces.

Poor construction or concrete composition can also cause issues with uneven or cracked slabs.  You might also see tree roots growing under your driveway, sidewalk or steps causing some changes to the levels of your concrete.  Along with leveling the concrete, we can take care of the underlying issues with the problem as well. Often, drainage or water management is helpful.

How does SouthernDry Fix Uneven Concrete in Alabama?

Once we’ve determined the cause of the problem during your free evaluation, we discuss the best way to fix your uneven concrete. If you need replacement, we’ll be glad to tell you. But the good news is, most concrete structures can be restored using our long-lasting polyurethane leveling solution. First, small holes are drilled, then, polyurethane foam is injected strategically to gently raise the sunken concrete in minutes, with little-to-no-mess.  It can be used on any of the following applications and is much more affordable compared to concrete replacement:

  • Basement floors
  • Streets
  • Walkways
  • Concrete Pads
  • Uneven Sidewalk sections
  • Sunroom Floors
  • Patio & Porch Concrete
  • Concrete Pool Decks

In most cases, we can just drill small holes – around ½” into the concrete to inject the solution – these are easily patched and allow this treatment to be minimally invasive.  We don’t have to tear out sections of your concrete, relevel and compact the base, create forms and pour new concrete – we’re done in less than a day and your problem is solved.

What Are the Benefits of our Concrete Leveling System?

  • It’s Fast – in some cases, treatment takes us less than an hour, depending upon the severity of the issue.
  • It Causes Minimal Disruption – we bring a small crew to inject the solution.  You’re not impacted by large crews, heavy equipment or disrupting excavation. Businesses can even stay open during treatment.
  • It’s Environmentally Friendly – We use renewable and recycled materials with almost no waste once the polyurethane has been injected.
  • It’s a New, Modern Approach – New technology makes this much more affordable than antiquated mudjacking techniques.

Can you Level the Concrete at My Commercial/Business Property?

business concrete slab lifting

If you run a commercial business, nonprofit, school, golf course, tennis court and need some concrete leveling done – the best argument for Polyurethane treatment is the lack of impact. We can block off a small space, apply the fix, and impact to your business operations is minimal. We can even complete repairs overnight so you can keep your business running.

There’s little to no mess and the end result is a safe, great looking slab, sidewalk, street or walkway without the large crews, loud noises and interruptions of traditional foundation repair.

Already have a quote? We often beat their prices!

we beat prices on concrete levelingAlready have a quote? No problem!

Our team would be glad to review your existing quote or provide you with a second opinion.

In fact, we recommend getting at least 2 quotes when considering any type of repair. We also highly recommend working with local Alabama concrete leveling companies that have an A+ BBB rating.

We find that because we are not a large franchise company spending a ton on TV ads and we are only local to Alabama, that our prices are often the lowest in the state. But don’t take our word for it…

Contact us now for a free, no-obligation estimate.


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