Wet Basement Waterproofing in Birmingham, AL 35242

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Wet Basement Waterproofing in Birmingham, AL 35242

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Tammy P.


As is true with most wet basements, a homeowner in Birmingham Alabama called SouthernDry after a period of hard rain in utter panic. Her basement was flooding and she needed it fixed as soon as possible. She had no idea where the water was coming from, but water was covering the floor. Her son was trying his best to remove the water with a shop vac but to no avail. She needed help and felt SouthernDry could give her the answers that she needed. She scheduled a free inspection and consultation with a SouthernDry specialist to find her solution.


Calvin and Russ were able to make some adjustments to the calendar to visit Tammy and provide her an estimate the same day she called. After inspecting and assessing the basement, Calvin advised the homeowner that she needed a footer drain system, sump pump with battery backup and 12 mil vapor barrier in the living space. The Guardian is the interior waterproofing system we use and it effectively collects the water from the walls as well as from under the floors, delivers it to our high capacity sump pump system and then out away from the home. The 12 mil on the walls ensures that any water leaks or seepage entering the home is directed to the waterproofing system. The only question that remained was how soon the work could be done. Obviously a flooding basement requires some urgency. SouthernDry was able to work Tammy’s job in just a few days later, and she could not have been more pleased. Now she no longer has anxiety during heavy rains because she has the assurance that her basement is staying completely dry.

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