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Leaning Wall Repair in Birmingham, AL 35005

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Ron & Kim L.


The homeowners called into SouthernDry because they noticed that the south wall in their basement was titled their west wall had a slight lean as well. This was a major concern for them because no homeowner wants to see instability in their foundation. They had no idea of leaning wall repair costs, but they felt the urgency to get this job done fast. They were searching for a contractor that could offer a reasonable basement leaning wall repair estimate and came across the website. Ron and Kim scheduled a free inspection with SouthernDry to find the best solution.


SouthernDry sent a qualified professional out for an inspection of the bowed basement wall. The Inspector had vast experience in bowed basement wall repair and was a great fit for this project. He wanted to address the leaning wall and offer the best solution before things got worse. After a thorough assessment, he suggested the force basement wall bracing. The force is a revolutionary structural brace specifically created to realign the wall back within the foundation. During the structural inspection he also made the homeowners aware of the warranty they’d be receiving with this powerful device. After discussing these options with the homeowners, they agreed to move forward with SouthernDry as their contractor. The SouthernDry team took over to ensure the basement wall bracing project was smooth and successful. In the end, the homeowners could actually rest knowing that their foundation would be secure.

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