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Crawl Space Encapsulation – Bremen, AL 35033

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Calvin Barnes


Jalon called and spoke to Russ about problems in his crawl space. He was concerned about high humidity, in turn causing mold growth. He was currently renting the house with plans to purchase within 60 days and needed the issues in the crawl space taken care of in order for that to happen. He stated that the seller of the house would be paying for any necessary repairs. Russ educated the customer on encapsulation during the initial phone consultation. An appointment was then set to inspect the crawl space and provide a plan of repair.


SouthernDry’s Project Planner, Calvin arrived on time for the inspection. He determined that encapsulation was necessary to reduce the humidity in the crawl space, along with remediation of mold. Calvin’s estimate included almost 1700 square feet of WhiteCap
20 mil vapor barrier, a Santa Fe Compact 2 dehumidifier, antimicrobial wash and HEPA
vac treatment for mold remediation, and a new crawl space door. Additionally, Calvin
told the customer that SouthernDry would sister 6 floor joists. Another waterproofing company had met with Jalon prior to Calvin’s appointment, but Jalon decided that SouthernDry provided the best plan of repair for the best price and felt that he would get the best customer experience. Once the crew had completed the project, the customer was extremely happy and took comfort knowing his crawl space had gone from funky to fresh.

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