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Crawl Space Encapsulation in Andalusia, AL 36420

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Jon H.


Hot and humid south Alabama provides a perfect environment for mold and moisture in a crawlspace. That is exactly what Jon was dealing with at his home in Andalusia. And that is exactly what he wanted to get rid of. In addition to mold and moisture, Jon’s crawl space had become a regular Motel 6 for various critters so he called SouthernDry to remove his unwanted tenants.


The homeowner had already received a quote from another company, but wanted to get a second opinion. SouthernDry provided Jon with a detailed description of the work to be provided including warranty information on the two sump pumps, and dehumidifier. With no stone left unturned, Jon was ready to get the work scheduled. SoutherDry’s all-star crew arrived on-site early Monday morning to begin work. Using a combination of a HEPA vacuum and anti-microbial wash, the crew was able to rid the crawlspace of mold, but before they could begin encapsulation they had to evict two very large snakes (yes, snakes) who had made themselves at home in the crawl space. The crew installed over 2000 square feet of WhiteCap 20 mil vapor barrier, two sump pumps with battery backups and a Sante Fe Advance 2 dehumidifier. In less than two days, the job was complete. The customer was happy with the assurance that his crawl space was now a clean space.

“The crew worked diligently with a good attitude. The crew leader as well as the other two workers displayed a lot of hustle. The crew leader was very helpful and had a great attitude. Have not had any issues yet, so I cannot comment on any follow-up/warranty type issues at this time. I would give this firm a very good recommendation.”

-Jon H.

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