3 Hidden Hazards That Can Destroy Your Crawl Space

crawl space dangers checklist

Crawl space homes are common in Alabama and so are the problems affecting them.

Here are 3 of the most common dangers working against your crawl space home.

Mold & Allergens – Wet, untreated crawl spaces can quickly become home to mold and allergens that creep into the living areas of your home. To prevent or remedy this problem, consider crawl space encapsulation & dehumidifier.

Water Intrusion – Unsealed crawl space home with poor-or-no drainage can hold excess water, creating the perfect environment for mold, pests and structural decay. To prevent or remedy this, consider crawl space waterproofing and sump pumps.

Structural Damage – The wet, moldy wood supporting your home can weaken over time, leading to sagging floors and other serious foundation problems. To remedy this, consider installing SoDry Support Jacks.

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