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CrawlSpace Encapsulation in Greenville, AL

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Clyde M.


SouthernDry received a phone call from Clyde with concerns of high humidity and dampness in his crawl space as well inside his house. Mr. Clyde stated his house was slightly on a hill and had some drainage/grading issues that led to water getting under his house. He had researched crawlspace encapsulation online and felt this was a possible option for him, however after getting other quotes, he felt this option was out of his price range.


The team at SouthernDry assured Clyde that they could work within his budget and suggested setting an appointment to have his crawl space inspected for free. An appointment was set and John Kabel, owner of SouthernDry, met with Clyde to inspect the crawl space and determine the best solution to the problem at hand. After the inspection John suggested a full interior perimeter drainage system with a battery backup sump pump, to protect against flooding during power outages, followed by a total crawlspace encapsulation using a 20mil WhiteCap vapor barrier. After Clyde and John agreed on a price, the work was performed by SouthernDry’s certified installers and the problem of high humidity and dampness was solved. Clyde will no longer live in discomfort of having allergens and humidity in is crawl space. Clyde will also have the peace of mind knowing that the work performed came with a transferable life of the structure warranty!

Any Quotes from the homeowner:

I have had the total encapsulation for one week now, I am proud to say my relative humidity in my house now stays around 38-40%, I have actually had to raise my thermostat due to it feeling so much cooler and comfortable in my house with the lower humidity levels. I called around and compared prices and Southern Dry was by far the least expensive and the most personable and easy to work with. And my crawlspace is dry as a bone. If you have moisture problems or high humidity in your home I would definitely recommend giving John Kabel with Southern Dry a call.

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