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Bowing Basement Walls Repaired With Helical Tiebacks In Ashville, AL 35953

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SouthernDry received a call from a homeowner who had a bowing wall in her basement. She had already had another basement repair company come out to fix the bowed walls, but after they installed carbon fiber strips on the walls, the problem persisted. Not only did the previous contractor fail to repair the wall, they failed to educate the customer. SouthernDry takes pride in educating homeowners, and they execute that philosophy with every appointment. Upon inspection, the diagnosis was that hydrostatic pressure was causing the wall to bow and carbon fiber was not the proper repair solution.


SouthernDry’s inspector educated the customer on the causes of the cracks and explained the process of providing a solution. They both agreed that installing Chance helical tiebacks, along with The Force wall braces would be the best plan of permanent foundation repair for the bowing basement walls. Knowing the amount of force these walls had on them from Alabama soils and hyrdrostatic pressure, the helical tiebacks were installed to provide horizontal stability and keep the walls from bowing further inward. Next The Force bracket was installed which uses steel I-beams or C-channel and a spring coil design, to provide 1,000 pounds of constant pressure against the wall. This ultimately restores the wall to a more plumb position over time. The Force system requires little to no maintenance, providing the homeowner peace of mind knowing their foundation wall is secure. In addition, SouthernDry provided the homeowner with a lifetime warranty of the structure to ensure complete satisfaction.

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