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Basement Waterproofing in Riverside, AL 35125

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Mary S.


The homeowner called because she noticed water on her basement floor. Water infiltration can be frustrating for a homeowner, because their mind immediately starts pondering the source of the issue and cleanup. In this basement, the water entered at the cove, or the point where the wall and floor meets and she noted that her basement floor was only wet during times of moderate to heavy rains. She also noticed her sump pump making a loud consistent sound and that it wasn’t dispersing water properly. This was very scary for her since she did not have a lot of money in her budget for a problem like this and she was concerned that a contractor would try to get over on her. With all of this out in the open in the initial phone conversation, she decided to schedule a free inspection with SouthernDry to find a solution to her leaky basement.


An inspector was sent out for an assessment of the wet basement and his objective was to locate the problem, suggest the best solution and take the process slow knowing the concerns from the homeowner. After a thorough inspection, it was suggested that the homeowner have her basement waterproofed to manage the water that was entering the home and avoid future costly headaches. The contractor suggested a new dual sump pump and the Guardian interior basement waterproofing system. Sump pumps are very important, especially during periods of heavy rain, and a working sump pump makes sure water flows appropriately away from the house. The interior waterproofing system would provide ample drainage and function by capturing the water coming from the wall and up from the ground, dumping the water into the sump pump basin and then carry the water away from the foundation. After discussing repair and installation options with the homeowner she agreed to move forward with SouthernDry on the basement waterproofing project. The team did an excellent job of making sure everything was installed properly and successfully. They gained her trust by working within the budget and schedule of the homeowner. Mary now has peace of mind knowing that her basement is nice and dry.

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