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The homeowner called into SouthernDry because he noticed the presence of mold on his walls. He stated that his basement walls were wet and had a mildew type of smell. Dangerous mold is a key contributor to many household allergies and upper respiratory infections. The homeowner knew it wasn’t safe or healthy to have a problem like that in his home and wanted to have it checked out. He understood his next move would be to contact a professional contractor and have them perform a mold inspection. He scheduled a free estimate with SouthernDry to find a solution to his basement mold and mildew issues.


SouthernDry sent a well experienced inspector out for an assessment of the moldy basement. His knowledge of mold removal made him a great candidate for this project. The contractor’s main objective was to figure out what was causing the mold issue and how to stop it. After a thorough inspection, the inspector suggested a special two part epoxy wall coating that would eliminate the mold and seal the wall. The epoxy wall coating also restores the appearance of the wall and covers the ugly water stains. By sealing the basement wall, it would route whatever water was entering through the wall previously and send it through weep holes drilled in the bottom of the block. The inspector proposed the Guardian interior waterproofing system be installed on the footer to capture the water, send it to a sump pump and then carry the water away from the foundation. After discussing the options of mold remediation and interior basement waterproofing with the homeowner, SouthernDry was able to secure this project. The team came together to make sure the installation was as smooth and successful as possible for the homeowner. The homeowner was satisfied with his dry basement because he didn’t have to deal with the smell of mildew and the appearance of mold anymore.

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