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basement wall repairConcrete block basement walls are prone to bowing. Hydrostatic pressure (water pressure building up in the soil outside the foundation wall) is typically the source of the issue. If a bowing wall is left alone, it may collapse and cause very expensive damage to your home.

SouthernDry offers a wide variety of repair methods for bowing, leaning or tilting walls, all backed by a trusted warranty.

A free structural inspection by one of our expert contractors will help us determine which method is right for you based on the type and extent of the damage they find.

Our Basement Wall Repair Products & Services Include:

Wall Anchors:
If there is a more serious bow in the middle of the wall, wall anchors may be a good solution. Our contractors will dig away from the outside of the wall and install anchors that go into the earth at a 20-degree angle.  These anchors repair and prevent future movement by keeping the wall in place as soil swells and builds pressure on the basement wall.

Another anchor system uses wall anchors and rods. We insert a steel anchor rod through the wall to the outside soil. A steel anchor is then attached to the rod through a vertical hole in the ground. Finally, a steel wall plate secures the rod to the inside basement wall. This counteracts the hydrostatic pressure being pushed against the wall and fights the bow.

Carbon Fiber:
If a wall is only bowing at the top, it may be a good candidate for carbon fiber reinforcements. At SouthernDry, we use The Reinforcer™ carbon fiber system because it is as thin as a dime, but 10 times stronger than steel! This means it is minimally invasive and will not protrude from your basement walls. Once properly installed, it will stop foundation wall movement and prevent any further wall damage.

I-beam Reinforcement:
The Force™ spring-loaded repair system is a patented I-beam system that is also used with great success to brace and stabilize bowing walls. It works by applying a thousand pounds of continuous pressure to the wall and automatically adjusts itself as the foundation wall corrects its position over time. No excavation is needed to repair the wall.

We can work together to decide which approach is best to stabilize and repair your bowing walls. SouthernDry offers free estimates to homeowners and businesses just about anywhere in the state of Alabama.

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