Carbon Fiber Straps

Reinforce bowing and cracking basement walls

Foundation problems occur when hydrostatic and lateral earth pressures exceed the strength of your concrete block, masonry or brick walls. This causes your walls to crack, separate or bow inward. Bowing walls are a big red flag that something is wrong with the structural integrity of your home or building. If these issues are not properly addressed, your foundation could collapse. SouthernDry may have the answer to your angst with our Reinforcer® carbon fiber reinforcement system.

If you are notice cracked or buckling foundation walls, but are worried about invasive methods used in some basement repairs, we can help.  A carbon fiber reinforcement system could be the perfect solution for your home. This system, known as The Reinforcer®, is a 4-inch wide carbon fiber repair plate that is bonded with structural epoxy. For every increase in pressure on your foundation wall, The Reinforcer® provides an equal and opposite resistant force that is making the wall stronger. It is made to support, stabilize, and reinforce failing foundation walls without breaking through concrete floors or making any structural changes to floor joists. It is only .045″ thick, but 10 times stronger than steel. Because it does not protrude from the wall, it can be painted to blend with your walls.

To determine if Carbon fiber is the best method of repair for your foundation, we recommend you schedule a free foundation repair inspection and estimate with one of SouthernDry’s expert inspectors. We proudly serve homeowners and business owners in Birmingham, Hoover, Pell City, Bessemer, Anniston, Jacksonville, Cullman, Gadsden, Albertville, Jasper, Talladega, Tuscaloosa, Oxford, Montgomery, and the surrounding areas. Complete our inspection request form or call us today!

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