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Save energy. Save money.

Traditional fiberglass insulation can make a good home for mice, insects and other unwanted pests, not to mention become a breeding ground for mold. Plus, once this type of insulation encounters any moisture, it starts to lose all its insulating properties, thus making it completely useless. It’s time for an upgrade to closed cell spray foam insulation from SouthernDry!

Benefits of spray foam

Spray foam not only helps to keep insects and other critters out of your crawl space, it can also provide energy savings and help lower utility bills during the winter and summer months. If your air conditioner or furnace continuously run, it could be caused by outside air getting into your crawlspace through the rim joist or sill plate. The result is cold floors in the winter, excess condensation in the summer, and more money out of your pocket each month. Our expert technicians use closed cell spray foam insulation to fill in the voids around the perimeter of the basement and crawl space where the ceiling meets the floor of the first level of your home. Unlike open cell foam, closed cell will not breakdown or allow air and moisture to pass through, leaving you completely protected from air infiltration year-round. Spray foam insulation is part of our complete crawl space encapsulation system and is a crucial step in sealing this space from the outside conditions.

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