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Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repair in Odenville, Alabama

Do you have water problems or foundation problems in your Odenville 35120 home? If you’re having water or foundation problems in your Odenville home, you need a basement waterproofing and foundation repair company to permanently help you solve your water and foundation problems. Well, guess what! SouthernDry offers exceptional waterproofing and foundation repair services from trained, knowledgeable, and experienced basement and foundation experts who specialize in solving the problems you and your home is currently struggling with. SouthernDry has many different waterproofing and foundation repair systems and products to take care of your leaky basement or foundation problems for good! Contact us today to find out more about our basement waterproofing and foundation repair systems and services for Odenville area homeowners.

SouthernDry really has everything your home needs. We have everything from primary sump pumps, to discharge line protection and basement wall coatings as well as mold removal and all sorts of waterproofing systems in between. We also provide foundation repair services like reinforcement, stabilization, crack repair, and bowing wall repair. Regardless of how old or new your home is, if you have a leaky basement, don’t wait! You need to get it taken care of right away because the problems only continue to get worse if left untreated. It may not look like these problems will do much harm, but each time you have a basement flood, problem with your walls, floors, or other areas, your home, your health, and your valuables are at risk. If you let your problems go unchecked, it’s only a matter of time before you have mold and/or more serious problems causing you physical harm and your home irreparable damage.

Wet Basement and Foundation Problems in Odenville

If your Odenville 35120 home suffers from a wet basement or foundation problem, SouthernDry is the company you want to work with! We have the experience, equipment, and products needed to permanently put a stop to your leaky basement walls and floors and all of your foundation issues. We get a lot of phone calls from homeowners in Odenville who want solutions to their problems, and we would love to work with you to protect you and your home.

Waterproofing Systems and Foundation Repair in Odenville, AL 35120

SouthernDry offers a variety of waterproofing systems and foundation repair services for Odenville area homeowners, including:

WaterproofingWhat can you do when you notice water in your basement or crawl space? Water in your basement or crawl space can lead to very hazardous conditions for you and your home. If left unaddressed the problem will only continue to get worse. From reliable sump pump systems, to epoxy wall coating service, our waterproofing products and services are second to none.

Sump pumps: We only offer the best. Which is why we offer our dual sump pump, which is an advanced waterproofing product. It features multiple backup systems so that if the primary pump stops working, your basement is still going to be protected from water. Also, this sump pump features a sealed basin that prevents smelly odors from getting up and into your home. We also offer a battery backup sump pump which will help to stop your basement from getting flooded if your primary sump pump fails or the power goes out.

DehumidifiersOur dehumidifiers are only the best for your home. These professional grade, high capacity dehumidifiers can manage the humidity levels inside your basement and stop them from becoming too high. When the humidity levels rise inside your home, it’s only a matter of time before mold starts to form. When you control the levels of humidity, you won’t need to worry about mold formation anymore.

Foundation Repair: What causes problems with your home’s foundation? Soil conditions, drainage problems, slab foundations, and a few other conditions can cause problems with your foundation. If you’re noticing settling, cracks, bowing, or other foundation problems, don’t wait for it to become a more serious problem. We offer bowing wall repair, crawl space stabilization, basement and crawlspace crack repair, carbon fiber reinforcement, and piering to reinforce a sinking or settling foundation.

Please contact us online or call us to schedule an appointment for a free consultation. We are really looking forward to talking with you soon!

Case Studies

Before CrawlSpace Encapsulation | Wet & Humid | Greenville Alabama

CrawlSpace Encapsulation – Greenville, AL 36037

SouthernDry received a phone call from Clyde with concerns of high humidity and dampness in his crawl space as well inside his house. Mr. Clyde stated his house was slightly on a hill and had some drainage/grading issues that led to water getting under his house. He had researched crawlspace encapsulation online and felt this was a possible option for him, however after getting other quotes, he felt this option was out of his price range.

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Before Basement Waterproofing & Sump Pump Installation | Riverside Alabama

Basement Waterproofing in Riverside, AL 35125

The homeowner called because she noticed water on her basement floor. Water infiltration can be frustrating for a homeowner, because their mind immediately starts pondering the source of the issue and cleanup. In this basement, the water entered at the cove, or the point where the wall and floor meets and she noted that her basement floor was only wet during times of moderate to heavy rains. She also noticed her sump pump making a loud consistent sound and that it wasn’t dispersing water properly. This was very scary for her since she did not have a lot of money in her budget for a problem like this and she was concerned that a contractor would try to get over on her. With all of this out in the open in the initial phone conversation, she decided to schedule a free inspection with SouthernDry to find a solution to her leaky basement.

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After Leaning Wall Repair | Basement I Beam | Birmingham Alabama Foundation Repair

Leaning Wall Repair – Birmingham, AL 35005

The homeowners called into SouthernDry because they noticed that the south wall in their basement was titled their west wall had a slight lean as well. This was a major concern for them because no homeowner wants to see instability in their foundation. They had no idea of leaning wall repair costs, but they felt the urgency to get this job done fast. They were searching for a contractor that could offer a reasonable basement leaning wall repair estimate and came across the website. Ron and Kim scheduled a free inspection with SouthernDry to find the best solution.

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Before Mold Remediation | Wet Basement Block Wall | Jasper Alabama

Mold Remediation & Basement Waterproofing – Jasper, AL

The homeowner called into SouthernDry because he noticed the presence of mold on his walls. He stated that his basement walls were wet and had a mildew type of smell. Dangerous mold is a key contributor to many household allergies and upper respiratory infections. The homeowner knew it wasn’t safe or healthy to have a problem like that in his home and wanted to have it checked out. He understood his next move would be to contact a professional contractor and have them perform a mold inspection. He scheduled a free estimate with SouthernDry to find a solution to his basement mold and mildew issues.

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