SouthernDry | Foundation | Crack Before

Foundation – New Market, AL 35761

Rob called SouthernDry after finding several cracks in the brick exterior of his house. He had vertical cracks above windows, and stair-step cracks in other areas. These are telltale signs ...

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SouthernDry | Dirty | Before Crawlspace

Crawl Space Encapsulation – Bremen, AL 35033

Jalon called and spoke to Russ about problems in his crawl space. He was concerned about high humidity, in turn causing mold growth. He was currently renting the house with ...

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Before Crawl Space Encapsulation | High Humidity | Birmingham Alabama

Cast Study: Crawl Space Encapsulation – Birmingham, AL 35005

A homeowner, in Birmingham Alabama, called SouthernDry because of high humidity in her crawlspace. She was concerned about escalating costs of heating and cooling her home. She was also concerned ...

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Before Crawl Space Encapsulation | Andalusia Alabama

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Andalusia, AL 36420

Hot and humid south Alabama provides a perfect environment for mold and moisture in a crawlspace. That is exactly what Jon was dealing with at his home in Andalusia. And ...

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basement waterproofing services in alabama

Wet Basement Waterproofing in Birmingham, AL 35242

As is true with most wet basements, a homeowner in Birmingham Alabama called SouthernDry after a period of hard rain in utter panic. Her basement was flooding and she needed ...

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Helical Tiebacks | Basement Foundation Repair | Ashville Alabama 35953

SouthernDry received a call from a homeowner who had a bowing wall in her basement. She had already had another basement repair company come out to fix the bowed walls, ...

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Before Mold Remediation | Wet Basement Block Wall | Jasper Alabama

Mold Remediation & Basement Waterproofing – Jasper, AL

The homeowner called into SouthernDry because he noticed the presence of mold on his walls. He stated that his basement walls were wet and had a mildew type of smell. ...

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After Leaning Wall Repair | Basement I Beam | Birmingham Alabama Foundation Repair

Leaning Wall Repair – Birmingham, AL 35005

The homeowners called into SouthernDry because they noticed that the south wall in their basement was titled their west wall had a slight lean as well. This was a major ...

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Before Basement Waterproofing & Sump Pump Installation | Riverside Alabama

Basement Waterproofing in Riverside, AL 35125

The homeowner called because she noticed water on her basement floor. Water infiltration can be frustrating for a homeowner, because their mind immediately starts pondering the source of the issue ...

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Before CrawlSpace Encapsulation | Wet & Humid | Greenville Alabama

CrawlSpace Encapsulation – Greenville, AL 36037

SouthernDry received a phone call from Clyde with concerns of high humidity and dampness in his crawl space as well inside his house. Mr. Clyde stated his house was slightly ...

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